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Nicknamed fairytale valley during a time when diamonds were supposedly picked up by the handful, the diamond industry has served as a
double-edged sword for the Sperrgebiet - its exclusion policy leaving the area scarred but spared from overuse.
The cassimbo - a dense ocean fog that advances in great banks at dusk and retreats at dawn, bringing humidity to the desert. The seal colonies only arrived in Van Reenan’s Bay approximately 80 years ago. Here, their land based predator is the black-backed jackal
and the brown hyena.  
When searching for new hunting territory, a jackal can cover tens of miles a day. It will aggressively expel intruders although these encounters are
rare as a pair will vocalize their presence in the area.

Cape fur seals are social animals and highly acoustic, their vocalizations being particularly important for the reunion of mothers and pups.
Males have a harem but females are free to choose their mates and will judge them based on the value of their territories.

A jackal family heads back to their den after scavenging along the coast. Social units are usually a mated pair, with sometimes one pup from the
previous litter staying on to help raise the next generation, thereby increasing pup survival.